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Who runs football ?

Author: Brian Duncan Date: Tuesday, 20th Apr 2004

Who is actually running football and who do they run it for ?

[This story was added to the site originally on the 12th April, and I thought with the outcome of the lowest possible ever crowd that the story should be pused back to the top, I believe currently the overall number of tickets sold is about 2,000 - Ed ]

We have seen in recent seasons a number of SPL clubs going under administration and more getting precariously close. We have to ask ourselves why this is the case ?

Is it because the management have made decisions that have not been financially viable ? It certainly must be related to this because the fans have been staying away. Cost is always a problem as people only have so much money to spend.

Granted that decisions have to be made, but from the evidence, so far, from Pars fans they will stay away from Pittodrie because it`s too far away and too expensive for a mid-week game. Once the big-yins have made their mind up they are too afraid to change it. Nobody should be too proud to admit to a mistake and change decisions.

Inverness Caley Thistle have the same (or similar) distance to travel so it doesn`t affect them so much, they have to travel regardless. How many Inverness fans will travel during this mid-week game, I`m sure a lot less that went to Hampden. (Probably the same number of Pars fans will turn up to Aberdeen).

Surely the SFA require to get fans through the turnstiles to pay for the ground rental, facilities etc.

Once suggestion being mooted is that the replay be held at McDiarmid Park in Perth. From a Dunfermline fans viewpoint there would be many many more turning up (and increased income through the trunstiles). John Robertson, the Inverness manager seems to have a sensible head and his quotes about playing the game at a different venue and even delaying it a day suggests that he has an understanding of the problems in Scottish Football today. Well done John.

We have a suggestion to make in that the game be played at McDiarmid Park and the Inverness Caley fans be given a reduction of 2 of their tickets - to compensate their longer distance to travel. This `lost` income would be more than made up by the extra Pars fans making the journey to Perth.

There would be no complaints from Pars fans if Inverness ticket prices was lower (if the game was played in Perth).

Lets sit down and have some proper planning and thought to when and where to play the game. If the SFA has Scottish Football at heart then you can change your mind. And if, as is now being suggested, the game has to be played at Pittodrie just so as to not upset Sky Television it will be a very sad day.

Lets have your opinion on the messageboard, have I just ranted uneccessarily, am I wrong ?

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