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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Sunday, 16th Oct 2005

Highlights from interviews given by Jim Leishman, Scott Thomson, Gary Mason and John Hughes after the game against Falkirk.

Jim Leishman
Jim is disappointed with the first half performance although his team started very brightly with an early chance. Unlike Hughes, Leishman believes that Craig Ireland was unfortunate to get sent off and didn’t agree with the referee’s decision to red card the Falkirk centre-half. With the goalkeeper handling outside the box Jim is unsure of the rules, he gives the example of Scott Thompson handling outside the box a while back which he was sent off for. He talks of how last minute changes were made due to Lee Makel taking ill, Jim describes the midfielder as the most creative player at the club at the moment, making him an obvious loss. He feels that his side should have strived to be more direct rather than playing too much football, which is what started to happen towards the end of the match. Jim explains that for two years it has been ‘negative, negative, negative’ at the club with the pitch, wage cuts, crashing out of Europe etc. and he states that the club is going back to basics. Most of all Leish is disappointed for the fans as they have waited a long time for this fixture, he would rather that we play and lose than not play Falkirk at all.

Scott Thompson
Scott could not believe that his perfectly struck volley was saved by the keeper and the subsequent chances, which were also kept out. He is unhappy at the referee’s decision to keep Glennon on the park and without even a booking for handling outside the box, to make things worse he pulls off wonder saves to win Falkirk the match. Scott explains the goal as a slight mix up between himself and Wilson, which allowed the man to turn into the box for an easy goal.

Gary Mason
Gary, too, realises that the first half performance was simply not good enough but he believed that they could do enough to get a goal but for the efforts of the keeper. Due to the fact that Falkirk started better Mason feels that they earned their luck and that they will be delighted with the win. He also can’t understand why the keeper stayed on the pitch and didn’t even pick up a booking. From his own point of view he is happy to be back playing after being out through injury and today was a hard shift for him.

John Hughes
Although John knows little of the reason for the Dunfermline and Falkirk rivalry he dedicates the win to the fans, who came out in numbers. He feels it is good for both clubs to be in the same league as it creates a tremendous atmosphere and gives the game a bit of an edge. John gives credit to his team but especially to his goalkeeper Matt Glennon who won them the game in the last 15 minutes. He admits that his side will be in the relegation dog fight if the don’t begin to get some consistency about their performances. On the sending off, John believes it was a red card but that he wont be punishing Craig Ireland for the offence and owns up to being caught out like that himself in his day. His opinion on the referee was that he was ‘fantastic’, however, John then goes onto describe a few faults he thought the referee made.

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