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Author: Stuart Meldrum Date: Sunday, 25th Sep 2005

Highlights from interviews given by Lee Makel, Jim Leishman, Allan McGregor and Gordon Chisholm after the game against Dundee United.

Lee Makel
Lee was unsure he was going to make the match following and injury picked up against Aberdeen which received further aggravation during the CIS cup win at Kilmarnock. He admits that the team’s performance was low tempo in the first half and after half-time encouragement, from Leishman and Robertson, they managed to lift their game. Lee sees the result as a platform to build upon and realises what a massive win it was due to the fact that United would have pulled further away. Looking forward to the Rangers match Lee believes it will be a hard match but that confidence is high going into the game off the back of two straight wins.

Jim Leishman
Jim believes that the performance was ‘magnificent’ on the day and with having thirteen players to choose from it made it all the more extraordinary. He explains how Darren Young had a tight tendon forcing out of the game during the warm up which dealt a further blow to the resources on the day. Jim feels that it was a great win in many ways, to finally get the first win in the league and managing two wins in a row gives the club a huge boost. Getting a home tie in the cup is great according to Jim and he looks forward to an exciting match against a good young side, picking out Riordan and O’Conner as a sign of a good attacking force. Scott Wilson is singled out by Leish as having a great performance and believes he is young enough and good enough to get into the Scotland squad in the near future. He talks of what was said at half time in which he chose to move Liam Horsted further up the park and that proved to be a masterstroke.

Allan McGregor
Allan points out the side was slow to get started but that after two wins in a row the side are growing in confidence. He explains his point blank wonder save from Lee Millers header but plays down the suggestion that it was the turning point of the match. Allan informs us that he is unable to play against Rangers at Alex McLeish’s discretion and is slightly aggrieved at the decision, he feels that Rangers should want him to play in big games at the likes of Ibrox. Also touched upon is the fact that if Halliwell plays well he could lose his place in the team making his lone stay slightly pointless.

Gordon Chisholm
Gordon was very pleased at the half time break with the 1-0 lead and overall performance. He realised that The Pars would come out and throw everything at the United the defence and he labels the defensive mistakes a joke. He questions his side character throughout the season and feels his side doesn’t handle pressure well at the moment. With the players he has at his disposal Gordon believes that his side should be further up the table not in the relegation dogfight.

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