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Pars listen to the Fans ......at last !

Author: Stephen Taylor Date: Friday, 21st Jun 2002

The Pars are starting to address their PR failings and are striving to improve their communications with the fans. This week the club has organised two follow up meetings held in Dunfermline, to an invited cross section of fans who had previously completed the feedback questionnaire earlier this year.

A similar meeting had been held at the last home game at the end of the season for fans who live outwith Dunfermline.

The purpose of the meetings was to find out what issues were concerning the fans and what changes need to be made to improve the facilties and organisation of the club. The meetings did not focus on team issues.

Many points were raised by the fans in a very constructive fashion including:

  • Concerns were raised about the clubs lack of media profile including a disappointing official website.
  • The players must get more involved with local community, schools, youth clubs,supporters clubs and, not least, fulfil obligations to their commercial sponsors.
  • Stewarding was a hot issue and there is a desperate need for a more relaxed approach by Rock Steady particularly aimed towards the young singing element.
  • Concerns were raised over the lack of disabled access into the Main Stand and the lack of disabled parking spaces.
  • The Old Firm fans mixing with the home fans in various parts of the ground and the inactivity of the Stewards to do anything about it.
  • The quality of catering in the various hospitality suites.
  • To promote singing among fans throughout the ground to improve the atmosphere.
  • The poor range of products in the Club shop and the general lack of space in the current shop.
  • Lack of promotion of matches including direct advertising.
  • Allocation of tickets for away matches and having the fans spread around.
  • The delays in season ticket letters being issued and the tickets themselves being produced.
  • Price increase for season tickets particularly for kids.
  • Membership cost for the new Legends Bar.
  • The confused messages coming out of EEP about charges being made for youngsters who want to be match mascots.
  • Need to boost the supporters clubs and various Player of the Year functions.
  • Lack of response to letters sent by fans to the club albeit there are recently signs of improvement.
The club have already dealt with some of the above matters not least through the fantastic new hospitality facilities within the Main Stand. Catering will be provided by top quality staff who will be employed by the club and not outside contractors.

The controversial membership scheme for the new Legends Bar has been instigated by the licensing requirements but members will be able to sign in guests as temporary members, contact the club for further details. (Note, the membership is limited to something like 200-250, so get your application in soon). The club shop will be moving into the Kingsgate and there will also be a shop at East End Park.

The general feeling from the supporters at the meeting was the feedback session was very positive and the club were doing the right thing in listening to the people who really matter, the paying customers ! Expect to see a new look Club next season.

There is clearly ambition at all levels within the club and some good people in place now moving things forward. This was a real tonic after all the doom and gloom surrounding the SPL in recent months. Let's hope the Pars get it right on the park as well !

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