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Flyers for Hearts game

Author: Michael Thomas Date: Wednesday, 25th Feb 2004

When news of DAFC`s precarious financial situation broke, many fans were keen to do what they could to help the club survive. However, one may have backfired.

Numerous ideas were discussed on the DAFC.net messageboard, and among them was the suggestion that to boost attendances at EEP a leafleting campaign could be organised.

This campaign would focus on the upcoming SPL match against Hearts on February 28th.

Once a single leaflet was created, worded and checked for accuracy, it would be made available by email (and later by downloading from the site) and people who wished to participate could print off their own, and make as many
copies as they were willing to deliver (500 per person was the suggested number). By coordinating who was doing which areas, it was hoped that as many households as possible could be leafleted, thus maximising the potential for persuading non-attending or potential fans to come along to

I decided to have a go at creating the leaflet, and produced an initial draft which then went through a number of design and wording changes based on suggestions and contributions from message-board-members until we had a final version. This version was emailed to those who requested it, and then made available for download on DAFC.net`s front page.

Unfortunately, on the day before the bulk of leaflets were due to be distributed (25th Feb was the planned date for most, although quite a few had already been delivered by then) it was announced by the club that the walk-up prices for the rest of the season were to rise. As the leaflets
included detailed prices (based on what had originally been the case - the official club website being the source), this obviously created a problem.

Fans who turned up at EEP for the game - especially those who had not been for a while, or indeed were coming for the first time - were now going to be expecting those original lower prices to be in place.

After consultation with the club, it was agreed that although the new prices would stand for the game, people who had received the flyers will be allowed into the South East section of the Main Stand at the original prices if they bring the flyer with them (subject to availability of seats).

Although I would have preferred that the original prices remained in place (at least for this game) thus validating the leaflets, it was understood that the new prices were part of the club`s drive to emerge unscathed from the financial problems it had.

It really is very unfortunate that this price change happened to coincide with the flyering campaign. I admit that I probably should have been in contact with the club earlier to let them know this was happening, and to make sure everything was okay with the leaflet. On the other hand, there was no reason to think that prices were suddenly about to rise, and had they remained the same there would have been no problem. Also until there was
good reason to assume that many people would actually want to take part in distribution, contacting the club would have been a bit pointless.

Nonetheless, had I done so this situation might have been avoided, and for that I`m genuinely sorry.

I still think that the leaflet campaign can make a difference, and persuade more people along to see the Pars. It`s just a shame that the timing has been so frustratingly unlucky, and that inevitably there will be people who end up disappointed by the prices being higher than they were expecting.

There is a plan in place for dealing with the situation on the 28th and hopefully it will adequately cater for any people persuaded to attend by the leaflets.

The main thing though is that we get behind the team on Saturday and hopefully help them beat Hearts - this, more than any number of flyers, would be the best persuasion for fans to keep coming back.

[Dunfermline fans are passionate about their club as can be seen from the level of support on the DAFC.net messageboard. If you are one of the people who turn up at the game expecting to pay the price specified on the flyer, then please accept the apologies given above of the instigators of the flyer - they really are doing their best for the club and if they have caused you any misrepresentation then they wish you to accept their apology in advance. Unfortunately things don`t always go as planned but we hope you turn out to support the Pars as often as you can. - editor]

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