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Date: Monday, 7th Mar 2022

Fans play a huge role in the lifestyle of Dunfermline Athletic, and always have. Whether you grew up attending matches or are planning to attend your first – there’s something for everyone, particularly at a Community Club such as the Pars.

There’s nothing like the atmosphere, such as the one created at East End Park, particularly in the North West Stand where flags and banners can be seen at home games as well as the singing and drumming of Section North West throughout the 90 minutes of play. The goal for the sponsors and owners of the club is to always create an atmosphere that leaves a little bit of something for attendees and supporters to take home with them.

In recent years, DAFC has been very active on social media – encouraging fans to join them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Snapchat and even Spotify. Whether you enjoy the First Team Squad or the Ladies Football Team, joining things like your favorite sides "social media pages" can even give you something to entertain yourself during breaks in the match or at Half Time.

One initiative which was brought into play in recent seasons was the introduction of the `Pars Picks` game which can be downloaded for users using iPhone or Android devices. The aim of the game is to win cash prizes by correctly guessing the outcomes during a match – such as who will score, if the Pars will win and sometimes as trivial as how many corner-kicks they may take during a game.

Further, after the Coronavirus Pandemic hit and fans were unable to attend in person for the 2020-2021 campaign, the main way to watch your favourite SPFL side was via their or the oppositions TV Channel. ParsTV covered every home match for Stevie Crawford`s side that season, with each home game having it`s own `Half-Time Show` which tended to feature a former player or manager – who in most cases had links to the opposition, as well as DAFC – as they chatted via a pre-recorded Zoom Call to keep fans engaged by the goings-on at their Football Club, as well as letting them hear from their heroes of the past and what they are up to now.

Ever wonder about the background of a favorite player, where they’re from or how they spend their weekends? Now so more than ever, you can find out.

Things may not be going so well at the moment but that may just be down to luck ! Here`s what an Arbroath Fan said about last weeks game:

"I`m still wondering how the heck we won that game yesterday. OK, we (Arbroath) scored and Dunfermline didn`t. But they had the majority of possession, passed the ball instead of lumping it up the park and looked the better side . They were unlucky with the chances they had but as has been said, when you`re struggling near the bottom of the league you don`t seem to get the breaks.
They started well and our goal came pretty much with our first real attack with McKenna flicking Hammy`s Chris Hamilton] throw in to Jack Hamilton who crossed for [David] Gold to score. We had other chances to score but they were wasted, rather than being unlucky not to score. But in the end it`s points that count and we took all 3."

THE DAFC.net forum is also frequented by fans with plenty of opinions, especially when things are not going so well. As long as people are constructive with comments and feedback, things are let go as it can be appreciated that emotions run high and not everyone will agree on every topic, that is just the nature of football and life in general, Sometimes – just like out on the park – things can boil over and the odd yellow or red card may be shown but in the main, football forums in general are viewed as places where the referee allows advantage, as long as the foul prior wasn`t dangerous or cynical and needs dealing with immediately.

Many fans also find time to catch up on some of their favorite mobile games and apps during the games. Some even pick up gaming on some of the best online casinos. If you’re a lover of sports betting, there’s a bunch of great sites for getting started. You can even entertain yourself by keeping yourself on a budget.

Say you attend an afternoon match and want to do some sports betting you can search and find games for every price range. Some fans enjoy this even more during time periods of championships. However, betting on games can be pure guesswork as we have seen results in the Championship the last couple of weeks. Supporters should always remember to gamble safely and be gamble aware. When the fun stops, STOP!

The DAFC also has a 50/50 halftime draw for those who want to try their luck. If you buy your ticket before kickoff, you’ll be entered to win up to £1000. There is also a Golden Goal competition allowing fans an opportunity to win based on the time of the first goal of the match. Plenty of fans like to show up early to get through the turnstiles and enjoy the atmosphere before kickoff.

Finally, and a way which can really help the Football Club out financially as well as be beneficial to those who enter – is the Centenary Club Lifeline. Supporters can voluntarily donate £20 a month to the West Fife side and in return, the Athletic will make Prize Draws which allows multiple entrants the chance to win cash prizes or other treats at every home game. .

Beyond food, drinks and enjoying the company of your friends and family at a match, you can also submit your Pars Picks ahead of the match. With East End Park being an all-seated stadium, everyone has room to sit, relax and enjoy.

For fans who really care, there’s a Supporters Council. The meeting minutes of the council’s meetings get uploaded to the website and answer many questions that curious fans want to know. As the DAFC grows older, the adaptability of the owners and supporters to stay updated with the times is appreciated by many. As a new fan or an old fan – take advantage of the many offerings from this modern-day football club.

Since 1885, lovers of football have appreciated everything that Dunfermline Athletic has to offer. With the advancement of technology and a wide new variety of teams, there’s even more to enjoy online. This includes everything from keeping up with your teams in the news, staying close to the happenings on social media and getting to know your favorite players on a personal level that wasn’t afforded to previous fans of the sport.

Your presence at the match is more than appreciated – but even when you cannot attend in person, DAFC fans attending online with ParsTV and being active in talking about Dunfermline Athletic keeps Pars fans above the rest of the pack.

Now is the time the club needs the fans to help it through a tough period. One fan is not giving up :
-- 9 games to go with 27 points to play for.
-- a lot of football left to play and lots can happen.
-- I am not throwing in the towel yet.
-- some big home games coming up where the team needs its FANS.

Take advantage of the ideas whether that means buying your tickets early and online, catch teh next home game against Morton for £5.00 !! There is also the 50/50, Golden Goal, Pars Picks, Raffles, Whisky, Paintings and prints, participating in sports betting if that’s your thing, or even keeping up with your favorite players on social media. Get to know your team, the club’s manager and even the Pub & Grub Guide to ensure that you and anyone you attend a match with experiences the fullness of the fan experience.

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