Dunfermline Athletic

A Place in League 1

Date: Monday, 19th Aug 2019

There should not be a place for a club as big as Dunfermline Athletic in League 1, which many fans call the Seaside League. They are better described as Community Clubs.

In recent years playing matches there brought a variety of experiences.

At Brechin City, on a bitterly cold winter`s day, we were able to buy warming lentil soup which
enhanced the experience, rather than being a weapon.

Do they have a hedge fund? At Stenhousemuir there was a time when you could buy the famous Highland Toffee as you walked along to Ochilview.

At Forfar you just had to buy a bridie though, unlike our award winning Stephens steak Bridies, are too full of onions. I was once told, at their Bridies stall, that they had taken more cash selling Bridies than from the attendance at the previous match!

At Stranraer cows used to watch the match from the adjoining field. Locals said that ,if the cows had walked away at half time,things were not destined to get any better in the second half.

At Arbroath you got frostbite. On warmer days you bought your kippers before the match, which gave you a lot of space in the Stand as other Supporters moved well away from the smell.

Clyde was just a wind tunnel and the happiest chip shop owner in Scotland was the one
where a convoy of Pars Supporters buses landed after that midweek Cup win.

Quite often you couldn’t exactly identify the best odds for winning or scoring at some of these grounds. However you could do no better to pop across to freebets UK to try your hand on some of these matches. They are offering tips such as Bet365 where you can Get Up To £100 in Bet Credits! You can also get Premier league top bets, for example you can also get 14/1 from MansionBet on Tottenham to win the 2019/20 Premier League.

The best gallows humour was reserved for Stenhousemuir/East Stirling where a group of pals, who had sat together since the 1950s, merged together with Pars Fans, and the banter was ace as they were not burdened by expectation.

Albion Rovers deserved the prize for Enterprise as they sold out their ground on the basis it was our Flag day. It wasn`t.

At Alloa the pitch was so narrow you could have the novel experience of a chat with the players during the game.

Finally, at Stirling Albion, I sat from 2pm in the rickety deserted Stand with the rain teeming down. At 250pm an Octogenarian came up to me and said "Son; You are sitting in my seat". Just wonderful!

I miss it, but not too much.

With both Falkirk and Raith Rovers both languishing in League 1 and enjoying the luxuries described in our article, they will be vying to get out of it at the earliest opportunity, follow their trials and tribulations on the BBC Scottish League 1 section.


After Saturdays enthralling game at Celtic Park where odds were heavily stacked agains Dunfermline at Celtic Park, refer to our chat on the DAFC.net forum and the odds quoted were quite high.

"You can get 49/1 on the Betfair Exchange if you`re going for it. I think we`re going to get pumped but that`s actually a decent price so I`m having a couple of quid on. "

Unfortunately for that punter he did not make any big winnings ! (but no doubt satisfied with Dunfermline`s performance against Celtic.)

Dunfermline will most certainly be looking upwards to the Premier League rather than downwards to the Seaside League !

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