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Live Updates: Friendly: DAFC v Hibernian
By dafc.net - Thu, 6th Jul 2017


Dunfermline Athletic

0 - 4

SWANSON (20:12)
TRIALIST (21:02)
BOYLE (21:15)
MCGINN (21:21)


  Ref: Kevin Clancy
  Crowd: TBA

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Thanks for reading folks. See ye next time.

Over n oot Buff x

Nice shot on goal by Conner Duthie, blocked on the line, and then Joe is penalised for a foul outside the box. Free kick taken quickly and the ball is downfield with Hibs but no trouble for Murdoch.

Im guessing there`s quite a large number of folk on dotnet as my connection is going very slow.

However I`ll keep gaun - fur the new fans - and a foul took place on Joe Cardle on the nearside byline. Fans up off their seat meaning of course I couldnae see a blooming thing.

Shot on goal blocked, out to Hoe crosses in and headed away past the left hand post by Smith but to be honest it was coming in that fast he was knocked over lol

Cal through to Smith, tackled and out for a pars throw in.

RyanW to Joe, long to Smith, fouled. Free kick taken quickly, out to RyanW runs inside, pass blocked by Gray and out for a Pars throw in.

On to Marciano.

Sub for Pars off comes Lewis Martin on comes Conner Duthie.

Nice pass from McGinn through to his team mate Boyle to win the visitors a corner.

From the left it`s Boyle, short to Murray, nipped away by Lewis Martin, and down to the halfway line. Free kick after RyanW is fouled. He takes the free kick.

Smith cant quite get to it in the hibs box, its down to Paton short to Trialist numero 16 and down to Morris. He asks for some speed from his team mates.

Didnae think that wiz allowed tbh......

Another blondie. Seriously min. First there were too many Ryans noo we have blondies. Hope they aw wear different coloured boots in the new season.

Sub for Pars off comes Clark on comes Callum Smith.

Cue me a tad confused - easily done - when I went to update the score. I still had it oan two. Thank gawd I pit the scorers in aforehand. Im still oan the safe list, Sir Brian.

Gray to Scott Martin. Long ball forward to pars half for Mvoto to give to Murdoch. Long high punt doonfield.

Out to Gray, in to Scott Martin and away to Martin Boyle. Out wide to Boyle, his cross is blocked and down to McGinn. Another goal for the visitors with a great shot by McGinn


Go oan seagulls, divebomb the Hibs fans.... goannn

Note to masel - needing milk fae Aldis.

I need twa coos in the back garden the amount of the white stuff I go through. Couple of sheep wouldnae go amiss either going the by the length o the grass.

Paton takes the ball aw by himself, down to RyanW who clearly saw - as did we - a handball by the Hibs player who was in front of him. Nothing from ref. Play on. Hibs throw in deep in the pars half.

Swanson with a shot on goal and just wide of the left hand post.

Re-start and the pars have Nat giving the ball away from the first touch. Long ball to Murdoch ahead of the advancing Shaw for Hibs.


Trialist number 2 - come in yer time`s up (I`ve been dying to dae that aw night) - gets the ball cleared downfield.

He`s away again, nice footwork. Nat to Joe. Trialist to Olly Shaw. Long ball to the head of 17 for hibs shot on goal and into the bottom right hand corner of the net. Nicely done.


Young blonde laddie.

Throw in Hibs.

Mvoto defends whilst Trialist numero uno for the pars puts Scott Martin oot over the byline.

Sweary words from Gray as he misses a chance for a hibs throw in. I couldnae hear him but I could see the mooth gaun.

Sub for Pars off is Higgy replaced by A N Other.

Trialist does well to defend from the Hibs throw in. I know some of you are posting the names of the trialists on the forum but I`ll just go by the teamsheet.

Free kick Pars with Morris to take.

Down to McGeouch, up to 15 shot on goal is past the right hand post and out for a hibs corner. Morris screaming / yelling at RyanW for the misplaced block.

Taken quickly, its headed clear by Morris.

Ball played out wide to Boyle and by the time I looked up his name the affside flag was up.

Hola to ma hunnybun AWP in deepest darkest Barcelona....

Throw in Hibs with Gray.

Long ball headed down by Martin. Out for another throw in.

Free kick taken, defended by Hibs, out wide for a pars throw in. Martin takes.

Short to Paton, does well but loses it eventually.

Nat makes sure to Murdoch.

High ball missed by Clark, but away to Higgy. Tackled from behind also. Free kick Pars. 35 yards out.

Sub for Pars off is Ash on is a Trialist

Clark chases a spare, in to the Hibs box but is tackled well by Mcgregor. Throw in Pars. RyanW to Nat, rebounds down to Paton, good run and is tackled from behind, free kick Pars.

Taken far too quickly, and its away to Hibs.

The sun has thankfully hid behind the clouds.

McGinn to Swanson, Fraser Murray - he must have come on at half time too - and Olly Shaw has just put the ball over the bar from close range.

Scorer of Hibs second goal Trialist is off replaced by Martin Boyle

Morris clears as the Hibs run came to nothing.

Clark couldnt get the ball off Mcgregor and Marciano has it. Up to Olly Shaw. Good play on the far wing by Stevenson, oooh when did he come oan?

Ball in the box for Trialist and into the net it goes.

Goal for Hibs


McGregor punts the ball away from an advancing Higgy, down to Marciano then out to Ash. In to Joe, has to track back, but out to Martin. Well played. Back to Joe then to Martin long ball towards Clark but HIggy gets there instead. Out to Joe, runs to the box, crosses to RyanW its away and Hibs are running to our half.

A good build up there too. I think RyanW was sleeping in the box.

Ash to Mvoto, out wide t oRyanW in to Nat played long to Martin. Ball out for a pars throw in. Martin takes.

Congratulations to Joe and his partner Lucy for the safe, and early, arrival of second daughter, Lyla Jo. Beautiful wee girl she is too. A proud big sister Josie-Anne too.

Sub for Pars off is the injured Hoppy replaced by Joe Cardle

Mvoto defends up the other end, ball taken off Paton but on to Martin. On to Ash then to McGregoor and off to Marciano.

McGinn has come on for Bartley, I think.

Pars player down after a run in with the ad board but he looked like had been kicked in the back by McGregor when he took the ball off him. Physio is over.

Paton to RyanW then to Higgy. RyanW cant get it back but wins a throw in at the NW.

Mvoto heads down the long ball from Marciano. Gray to Swanson, ah it`s Fontaine who is off that who Mcgregor is on for. A good shot on goal from Swanson sees it just a tiddly bit past the left hand post.

Higgy to take.

Low ball out wide to the feet of Splaine who puts it wide of the right hand post.

No8 trialist to take from the right hand side.

Right footed cross, curls in, headed away and a foul on Ash. Free kick by Higgy, over to Martin down to Clark shot on goal at right hand post is blocked and out for a corner.

Noo ive spotted a bearded player for the visitors. McGregor I believe.

Corner for Hibs.

Second half about to start and away we go!

Hibs kick off. Pars playing into the sunshine this half/.

McGinn is on for Hibs not sure who went off.

I`ve gained a lot more readers tonight because of the problems with ParsTV. Welcome folks.

Before DaveDafc slaps ma haund again I`ll refrain from saying nicknames. That`s me in the cream puff.

Paton on for Splaine

Cracking free kick.




Free kick 25 yards out rebounds off the bar and cleared down to the halfway line.

Line up complete and free kick to be taken by Trialist whilst boos ring out from the pars fans for the actions by Neil Lennon on the touchline.

David Gray causing some friction too.

Throw in Pars. RyanW takes. in to clarkm tyrns shot blocked, and Nat looked like a clear foul on the hibs byline but nothing from ref. A sliding tackle from Splaine sees him get a yellow card from the ref whilst Morris has to keep Fontaine back from getting the handbags out. All kicking off here..... in the friendly!

Ash held by Swanson but nothing from ref. I`d hud him too son but I`m barred fae the dressing rooms.

Clark is taken out nearside and a free kick for the pars. Jiggy to take from 35 yards out.

Hope Murdoch has a hat for the second half, that sun is blazing and low.

Whistle was blown just as Ash puts the ball into the net from close range. Booooooooo

Murdoch got his hands to it, Morris got it clear and its back to oor goalie.

Trialist takes.

Morris heads down and another corner for Hibs.

Marciano to Gray. Long ball to Toto who fouls the hibs trialist. Free kick to the visitors 35 yards out.

Free kick for pars after Jiggy is fouled. He takes it, curls to the head of Toto who puts it over the bar from inside the box.

Jiggy with some nice footwork on to Hoppy in front of goal and only has the goalie to beat but slips and the ball is away. Jeeeezo.

Jiggy to Nat, away t oRyanW on the wing, Takes it inside to Hoppy but he cant get the cross in. Away to Marciano.

Nice pass from Splaine to Jiggy. HIbs return with Fontaine and Swanson. Passed Jiggy in to Graham then to Bartley.

McGeouch to Fontaine (Im dying to call him Joan but I better keep to the pars names)

Splaine fouled. Free kick taken quickly by Pars.

Splaine gives it straight to Graham. On to Murdoch.

Morris to Splaine, into Nat but missed. Chance for a two goal lead by Graham but he cant catch Murdoch.

Jiggy heads the long pass but out for Hibs throw in.

Craine to Nat but he cant keep it in. RyanW to Clark tackled well by McGeouch. On to Marciano short to Fontaine.

Long to Toto and away to Swanson. Nice footwork by Morris takes it off him and away to the hibs half.

Shaw heads down to Gray, taken off him by Ash. Fouled. Free kick Murdoch.

What can I call Splaine?

Martin to Jiggy, in to Nat but he puts it too wide for RyanW to pick up on the right hand side.

Throw in Hibs.

From the right its curled in, headed clear and down to Splaine. He clears it high and long but its over the byline.

Fontaine to Gray, Morris cant get there, HIbs have it wide. Trialist takes the throw in. Down to Shaw, back to Trialist then to Graham. Long ball to the pars box for Swanson. Corner Hibs.

It`s a friendly, Im allowed.

Toto - Mvoto

Morris clears with a high ball into the main stand. Throw in Hibs.

Jiggy, err I mean Higgy, to take from the right hand side.

Right footed cross curling in and over to Ash who pings it off the corner flag and the behind of Bartley. Oooch.

RyanW takes the throw in. Down to Splaine curls it over the box and out past the right hand post.

Long right footed cross, headed over by Hoppy and rebounds out says the ref. Corner Pars.

Trialist to take the corner from the left hand side.

Right footed shot, headed down in a bundle in front of goal whilst Splaine clears it with a great run and pass to Jiggy. He gives it away but its only long to Murdoch. Toto long to the chest of Bartley, then to Graham but Nat gets it back.

Out to RyanW in to Jiggy and down to Clark who is pushed in the back for his troubles. Free kick Pars with Jiggy to take, 30 yards out.

I better get some nicknames looked oot for the new yins. Did ye like the typo for Higgy? heehee

Hibs forawrd with Trialist. A second corner for Hibs.

Throw in Hibs. Over to Morris ahead of goal scorer SWanson and on to Murdoch.

Short pass to Mvoto, then to Splaine then to Nat. Back to Mvoto, back to Nat. Up to Clark, out to RyanW then to Jiggy. RyanW takes it across field. Splaine gets it then to Morris, a header by Clark is just past the right hand post. Goal kick Hibs.

Goal for Hibs with a lovely low shot in by Danny Swanson.


Splaine good pass, down to RyanW, Higgy crosses but it`s over Ryan`s head in the box and on to Marciano.

RyanW takes.

Goes to Hibs, with McGeouch passing to the trialist. In to Nat, away to Splaine. Loose pass to a hibs player again. It`s my imagination but HH passed me on the stairs earlier but from this angle he looks awfy like Splaine.

McGeouch to Splaine but his pass is misplaced as it heads to Gray. In to McGeouch, Higgy tackles Graham and a free kick for Hibs 35 yards out. Taken quickly.

Graham is tackled, has a wee girny at the ref, as the ball heads to Clark on his own downfield.

Shot on goal from Splaine sees it defended out wide. Throw in Pars.

The sun has actually reached the main stand - that surely must be a first. Glad I`ve got the summer frock oan.

Craine to McGeouch, then to Gray, stopped by Mvoto. Crosses to the pars box, stopped by Splaine and on to Murdoch albeit behind the goal area.

Marciano to Gray. Long ball to the halfway line.

Bartley to Fontaine then out to Craine. Good run and a good stop by Higgy, takes the ball but Craine gets it back after Higgy slips. Morris does the same further up field, passes to Nat and a good chance for an opening goal after Clark runs away downfield. Alas he`s affside.

Ash to take. Long ball to a running Clark and out for a goal kick to Hibs.

Long ball from Marciano sees a good header from Nat. On to Mvoto, down to Nat. He is fouled, free kick Pars just inside their half.

From the left it`s Bartley with a high cross, bounces down to Splaine and cleared to HIggy then TO nAT. Nat to Splaine a great cross field pass to Clark then to Martin. Crosses in and headed down and just past the right hand post by Hoppy. Great play.

Short pass to Ashcroft. Then to Splaine. Then Nat. Back to Splaine and out wide to Ash. Nat turns gives to Ash but its Hibs on the run to our end.

Swanson takes on Mvoto, and wins, a good try on goal for the visitors who earn their first corner.

Taken quickly, defended easily by Morris and out to Bartley. Takes it back to the halfway line for Porteous then to Fontaine.

Out wide to Grays head, crosses to teh pars box and headed away by Ashcroft. Comes back in for an easy high save for Murdoch.

Fontaine heads down a long ball ahead of Higgy. Splaine cant get the ball forward. Throw in Hibs in their half. Backwards to Fontaine, he punts it to Cal Morris who fouls Graham. Free kick Hibs 35 yards out.

The Pars are in their new strips tonight - fair braw like. Hibs in their new attire also (I think).

Mvoto makes sure to Murdoch. a pars player is down on the deck in the hibs half.

I wish the groundsman could come and dae ma back garden. They stripes are fair bonny.

Good ball to Hoppy, takes it out wide rebounds off Gray and it`s a pars throw in deep in the Hibs half.

Hoppy heads it into the hibs box, headed clear by Gray and the ref has blown his whistle for a wee scuffle between Splaine and Swanson. Free kick by Marciano down to Graham. Returned to Higgy, out to Splaine then to Williamson who takes it to the byline but his cross to the goal is blocked and too short and it`s away to the pars end with green boots.

A breeze has picked up and the corner flags are flying. Throw in goes nowhere. Marciano picks it up.

Murdoch with the free kick from the Norrie NW corner. Long and curling its headed down by Bartley.

High ball to Splaine waiting in the centre circle.

Out for a Pars throw in at the NE.

Fontaine to McGeouch, away to Splaine, back to a trialist for Hibs. Free kick after Splaine fouls.

Short play well defended by Wedderburn. Fontaine to Swanson on the far left hand side.

Trialist for Hibs plays it forward to Graham but he is offside.

Long from Marciano to the pars half. Cal Morris heads it off the pars 18 yard line whilst Swanson tumbles.

The sun is shining over the stands tonight casting a long shadow on the beauuuuuutiful pitch.

Splaine tottering about but gets it clear. Gray on the wing for Hibs up to M`voto. Does well with some fancy footwork.

Hibs hjave it back however with Swanson getting to the pars byline.

A cracking shot on goal from Clark sees it just a smidgeon past the right hand post.

A very slow connection has me grinding my teeth already.

Long ball to Murdoch. No threat from the away side.

Morris forward to the Hibs half to a very fast Martin on the far side. Hibs have it back and play it forward to the pars end to Cal who heads it on to Murdoch.

Nice backheel by Higgy but only picked up Fontaine a few yards away.

Long ball to a waiting Wedderburn who gives it to newby Mvoto and on to Murdoch, resplendent in princely purple.

And we`re off !

Ball played from central spot to the wing and a long punt downfield to Fontaine. He gives it away to Wedderburn but it`s played outside to McGeouch, knocked over by Splaine in the away end. Free kick taken.

A good healthy green support in the Cowden end. The Hibs fans are in good voice already and it was a pleasure to accompany some along Halbeath Road tonight. Friendly bunch!

The main stand is very busy too - with both the left and right sides filling up.

Three trialists on show for the Pars tonight ---- oooooo it`s exciting!

Our new lads are also up too - Splaine and M`voto

Good evening from a very balmy East End Park for tonight`s first pre-season friendly, versus Hibernian.

Dunfermline_Athletic: Murdoch Williamson Ashcroft (Trialist) Morris c Martin Splaine (Paton) Wedderburn Mvoto Clark Hoppy (Cardle) Higginbotham
Subs (not used): Gill Duthie Lochead Smith Luke Allan Morrison Trialists x 3

Hibernian: Marciano Gray Porteous Fontaine Bartley Trialist McGeouch Swanson Graham Craine Shaw
Subs (not used): Laidlaw McGinn Murray Stevenson Boyle McGregor Martin Murray

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